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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 6, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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hello, everybody. sit back and relax "right this minute." police approach a suspect they believe is armed. >> so, of course, police are proceeding with caution here. >> but see how one swift move turns this stand off into a shootout. lucas hasn't seen his family in a year, but he's got a big surprise in store. >> lucas lost 130 pounds.
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>> the sneaky way he kept the dra m dramatic change on the down low. >> oh, my god. >> a lone cashier takes on the bad guys. >> he jumped over. she pulls him the rest of the way. the brave reaction that brought him down. and a bizarre family guessing game that puts the senses to the test. >> how nerve racking. see how far they go all the all in the name of fun. >> caught on police dash cam out of greene county, missouri. caught it back on december 1st. officers in pursuit of a man named joshua gordon. sweater over his hands. >> he's looking like he has a gun under the sweater, right? >> that's what police are led to
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believe. so proceeding with caution here! put your hands up! we won't shoot you! put your hands up. put that shirt down, now! >> get yourg hands up! >> you can see a number of police creeping towards joshua. he showed up at a retired police officers home. unclear why. apparently, had the sweater over his hands, alluding to the fact he had a gun, so when police showed up, joshua took off and then here we are at this chase. and police start to make their move. >> three shots, right there. one in the arm, leg and chest. listen right before the shot. >> shoot everything. >> the officer said he doesn't
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have anything. >> that's true. >> but apparently it was less than four tenths of a second when you hear the shots. they did call an ambulance. he was taken to the hospital and later was pronounced dead. later in the incident, the corporal noticed a black object in his pants. turned out later it was just a cell phone. he does have a criminal history where he let officers think he had a gun, when in fact he doesn't. in my opinion, it was excessive force. it doesn't appear there was anybody else at risk in a wooded field. >> well, they don't know he doesn't actually have a gun n. that moment, they're assuming he does. that isn't a hot of time to hear that he doesn't have anything as
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you're already poised. >> greene county sheriff's office criminal investigation division said the use of force was justified and the officer who fired the weapon is cleared now. >> this is one of those videos where the bad guys don't get away with it. i want you to pay attention to the cashier. two guys come in holding the cash register. she pulled the guy's hair, but that didn't stop him. he jumped over. she pulled him the rest of the way. >> wow. >> if you look on the corner, he's on top of her, she still continues to fight. let's go back. his buddy tries to help him a little bit at the beginning, but he just walked away while his friend is struggling with this
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woman.resica wasn't taken. she fights back and guys got away. as you see here, he climbs back over the counter and takes off. she's not done. this is one brave woman. >> she was almost trying to pull him back. >> two men have been charged and arrested and according to authorities, this was the second robbery. in their first, they tried to get away. the man she pulled over the counter, he's going to face a little jail time. the other guy was arrested as well. >> guess what? two dash cams. first one, this guy's parked at a light and crashed. right in front of this white car way too fast. hit the pole. that crashes down right in front of the car that has the dash camera dam, but looks like he
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has the presence of mind to back up. took off. the guy in the white car takes off. see that? next one, i don't know what to say about that one. keep an eye up on the road. have b to be careful. somebody walking in the road. no shoes. what in the -- what -- >> oh, he's flipping the bird. >> he is, the cow is walking right in front of the street. i don't know if he was trying the dance at first? >> he's got a -- buddy comes in. we've all had a friend who at 3:00 in the morning, dance in front of a car. sometimes, you have to go in there and get him out. it would have been sexy if not for the middle finger. i'm going to flip you off because i want you to see this performance. >> i think he was able to play air keyboard on the hood of the
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car. >> sexy time. ♪ >> the second installment of the bananas bay in mexico. it's a mini series about the -- they're cute. their behavior the being studied by johnny mattigan. just watching them do what they do. now, because they do strap gofers on to the sea lion, we get to see the perspective of the sea lion when they're swimming under water. here's one of those shots. >> i think it's kind of amazing that these sea lions wear the go cart. you try to put something on a dog sometimes, get off, get off. like a wild animal wearing a ha harness. before he went off to work, kissed him good-bye. this is the most awesome job on
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the planet. he's swimming around the sea lions, getting kisses, getting to study them in their natural habitat. it looks like the sea lion is smiling for the camera. >> and after a hard day's work, having all that fun, get back on the dock and go home. >> a fireworks show goes off with quite the bang when -- that was the fireworks detonating on the ground and that set everything else off. why there were no oohs and aahs here. and it's called project last photo. >> to go out to the streets and ask people who was the last photo on your phone. >> we asked you to share yours and the photos came pouring in. >> i like really random ones.
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lots of videos being uploaded of people surprising their families for the holidays, right? this is a very different kind of surprise. u're probably wonring what is going on. that is lucas irwin coming down the steps. visiting his family in canada
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for the holidays. they haven't seen him in a little more than a year and over the course of that year, lucas lost 130 pounds. >> can that change your appearance? a whole person. >> they're so proud of him. he lives about six hours away from his family. he didn't post photos on facebook, but if you want to see a before and after picture, here you go. >> there's a big difference. >> he said his entire life, he had been struggling with his weight and had tried 20 to 30 times to lose weight, but this time, he started really focusing on calorie intake. it's all about putting really good food into your body. oranges, eggs, chicken, salsa, vegetables. he set his goal around 350 calories per day. >> the only person he was trying to satisfy was himself. he wasn't posting pictures. it's cool he finally found something that worked for him.
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>> oh, my god. i'm so proud of you. oh, my god. >> new year's celebration. this is in slovakia, where celebrations turned out to be faster than they wanted. >> that's the fireworks detonating on the ground. those injuries, they say several windows were broken because of this, but other than that, no other damage. >> they're not terribly hot fireworks, the ones that are being shot. they said it lasts about 13
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minutes. i think they probably wanted it to last longer than that. like a very quick grand finale. >> recently brought you this story black photo. it was eivan cash's idea to see what was the last photo on your phone. >> that's my chilling out with my girl getting a dual back massage. >> we posted that question to our viewers, what's the last photo. how about brittney. she posted her 7 week ultraso d ultrasound. >> that's a good way to start 2014. >> jenga. sasha posted this picture. her and her husband celebrating new year's. that's a good one. i like ones that are just really random. like it comes from some -- >> kind of like this one from stephanie cooper. just a random picture of a dog,
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but it's kecute. >> i love alex jessica parks. i'm quitting smoking. took a picture of her crushed pack of camels. >> i support that. >> my personal favorite could be from marty blefens because he took a picture of his wife clearing some snow with the snow blower. looks like he's shooting through the window, where it's safe and warm inside. >> martin, get your fingers out of the lens. >> so, thank you so everybody for your picture submissions and joining in the fun of last photo. >> commuting can drive you crazy. now, there's a new way to avoid the headaches. >> is this actually available? and still to come, a little parking lot prank is taken to the next level when -- >> alex runs in and steals this
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guy's car. >> how things go from harmless to heated. >> plus, a new spin on a fireworks show. >> that is awesome. and a break dance that pops off.
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got ourselves a prank here. this is a stranger's car. empties out a few aluminum cans,
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going to string the ribbon. >> oh. >> the mantht smiley face thing, this is his car. he comes out, gets in the car, drives away. you can see he starts again. realizes something's wrong. gets out, but this is part two of the prank. alex runs in and steals this guy's car. he says this is stealing a car prank and it gets heated, fast. >> no, no, no. >> this guy is upset.
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the guy's i don't want to hear it. yanks him out of the car, pulls him over here. now, he can't see what happens because the camera guy is kind of behind. apparently, the car owner hit him a few times. >> it's clearly dangerous. >> you do see him having a conversation with the guy afterwards. >> clever prank, but i will say kind of towed the lip. >> over the line. >> television vis still trickling in. a lot of people love this dance for new year's eve. a lot of people love fireworks. >> yo, keep it up, yo.
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go, go, go, go. >> that is awesome. >> like bottle rockets? >> i think they're like roman candles, flares they've attached to his ankle. his buddies are holding him up, so he doesn't have to light them himself. takes things a second to get going. starts to twirl around. everybody runs for cover and these fireworks goes into a crescendo. >> everybody butt the camera guy. >> he's the brave one. he was able to stay there and get the shot. >> and that's what you're supposed to do. >> yeah. ♪ shows how they rigged it up. >> doesn't seem like anybody got
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hurt and he didn't get hurt, so they did it as well as they could. >> happen any new year, homies. >> the lights are out and everyone's home. >> grandma's a trooper. >> leave you wondering, is that a snake? in touch with the gro♪ ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪ ♪ smell like i sound, i'm lost in a crowd ♪ ♪ and i'm hungry like the wolf
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it's a new year, people love making those jokes. it's the best sweater you've worn all year. well, this guy put all of that into one funny video. >> i just work out. january 1st, 2014. and this was the best place i've had all year. >> the great thing about that is he equally laughed at the camera. after he makes that really lame joke. >> this is the best toothbrush i've had all year.
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>> i like it. >> it's very corny and lame, but all true. >> then at the end, he explains why his joke is funny. >> the best of the year -- >> everybody's family has weird traditions, right? what i'm about to show you take it is cake of completely zarre, absurd and h tradition his family where he sends his mom, his sister, his grandparents, into the the completely dark basement to identify objects with their senses. there's his mom and sister. they are losing their mind. he's got two like fish tanks set up.
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his sister goes first after mom really can't handle it. >> what is this? is it a hedgehog? >> it's a dead squirrel. >> how nerve racking. >> yes, it's a shoe brush. >> but it's in the fish tank. >> now, mom goes. oh, my gosh. something smushy. so awful and dirt. >> is that a snake? >> it was a snake. >> no. >> i touched it. >> this goes on for quite a while. but that's mom and sister. grandma is the real star of this show. >> what if i die?
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you know what? i can't get my hand down in there. oh, no, dear, help me. it's wet. it's mess. >> only grandparents call poop mess. it's a pile of worms. >> yep. a big pile of worms, grandfather gets the shoe brush again, obviously, grandma's not too happy about that. >> you get a brush and i get worms? >> that's not the worst. there's also some sort of competition where they put grandma in a caged maze filled with things like fish, live chickens an all other kinds of things. >> what is that? smells terrible. >> oh, my goodness. >> and then there's also stuffed animals that she keeps thinking
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are live animals. >> the weirdest family tradition i've ever seen. >> listen to how many guesses. >> is it a frog? is it a tadpole? it's a lobster. crab. it's a snail. hermit crab. it's a duck. it's a muskrat. >> grandma's a trooper for putting herself through this. >> yes, 78 years old, too. grandma does make it out of the caged maze. you can hear how much greg loves it. >> that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody, "right this minute." crowds gather as two drivers rip into a tree. >> burn out, damaging the cars, putting people at risk. >> police can't put a stop to this joyride. the scene turns scary when one of the officers is way too -- >> how getting


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